Hello hello!

We’re Abbey and Kevin and we’ve finally done it. We quit our jobs. After countless “what if” conversations and dreams of dropping everything to travel, we bought one-way tickets to Iceland this past May.

But let’s back up a little…

We met in college and bonded over a shared love of food and spontaneous road trips. Abbey served a year with AmeriCorps after she graduated and as that year was coming to a close, we were ready to move elsewhere. After some back and forth, we landed on Boston, MA. At the time, we were both strongly considering going to law school and knew that Boston was well represented in that area. So once Abbey finished her commitment, we blindly paid a deposit for an apartment we never toured, packed up a UHaul and a trailer we had no experience driving, and set off to a city we had only visited twice. Eventually, we settled into the city, secured jobs, and continued working away at our law school preparations.

Along the way, we were both wavering on going to law school. After a lot of discussion, we decided to hold off on law or graduate school for the time being. We decided to take that money and travel while we still have no debt, no children, and the energy for adventure. Now, we’ve been on the road since January 2018 and are loving it! We miss Boston and all the friends we made there, but the chance to travel long-term just couldn’t be beat.

Where is here currently? North Carolina, USA.

Actually anywhere? Definitely! For 2018, we’re concentrating on Europe and Northern Africa and after that? Who knows!

Thanks for stopping by and joining us in our journey from here to anywhere!