2018 Numbers

Currency is in USD.

This adventure, like many of our big ideas, started off with a “Wouldn’t it be fun/cool/exciting if…” We threw around the idea for quite a while but it wasn’t until a year ago that we became really serious about it. We knew that if we were going to live off our savings we had to severely increase the numbers in our bank accounts.

We were both making a decent amount at our jobs, enough to pay rent, utilities, contribute to savings, and have a fair amount of “fun” money leftover. That “fun” money was spent on eating out and Seamless, Lyft, coffee, sports events, clothes, etc. All those frivolous expenses added up, however, and we weren’t putting as much as we should have into savings.

One day we sat down, openly discussed our finances, and agreed to start seriously saving. From then on, we decreased our eating out, I didn’t go shopping on a whim, and we limited our sports attendances to the New England Revolution games that we had prepaid season tickets to.

We did a lot of research when trying to decide how much money we needed for this next year of travel. We perused other blogs, watched vlogs, and used Budget Your Trip to ultimately land on $40,000 for the year. You’ll see that the actual numbers in our budget come out to be $35,975.10, this is so we have a bit of padding in case unexpected expenses arise. There are some things in the below chart that we will spend money on, but I have not included such as plane tickets back to and from the US for a wedding and another set of Eurail tickets. When the time comes to purchase the Eurail tickets again, we’ll have a more detailed post with our cost/benefit considerations.

What’s important to note about our finances, is that we have no debt. Our parents graciously paid for both of our college educations and that is something we cannot thank them enough for. If it weren’t for that, we certainly would not have been able to go on this adventure so soon after college.

Below is the chart with specific numbers we have budgeted per city. We’ll update it, if not daily, then at least once we’ve left the city.

Estimated Actual Difference
Hallstatt, Austria $159.00 $123.65 -$35.35
Innsbruck, Austria $423.20 $282.10 -$141.10
Salzburg, Austria $559.90 $554.60 -$5.30
Vienna, Austria $710.00 $714.79 $4.79
Brussels, Belgium $833.00
Sofia, Bulgaria $450.00
Dubrovnik, Croatia $460.00 $479.49 $19.49
Split, Croatia $490.00
Cesky Krumlov, Czechia $347.00 $224.47 -$122.53
Pilsen, Czechia $347.00 $231.86 -$115.14
Prague, Czechia $820.00 $617.00 -$203.00
Copenhagen, Denmark $1020.00 $883.66 -$136.34
London, England $320.00
Lyon, France $546.00
Nice, France $590.00
Berlin, Germany $935.00 $788.14 -$146.86
Cologne, Germany $538.00
Hamburg, Germany $485.00 $414.37 -$70.63
Munich, Germany $853.00
Athens, Greece $611.00
Budapest, Hungary $715.00 $526.88 -$188.12
Reykjavik, Iceland $1900.00 $1891.43 -$8.57
Ireland $1798.00
Florence, Italy $618.00 $573.85 -$44.15
Ravello, Italy $1878.00 $1035.87 -$842.13
Rome, Italy $634.00 $704.75 $70.75
Vaduz, Liechtenstein $420.00
Amsterdam, Netherlands $931.00
Krakow, Poland $780.00 $562.43 -$217.57
Warsaw, Poland $815.00 $520.25 -$294.75
Lisbon, Portugal $534.00
Brasov, Romania $591.00
Scotland $2184.00
Bratislava, Slovakia $480.00 $275.92 -$204.08
Ljubljana, Slovenia $570.00
Barcelona, Spain $618.00
Madrid, Spain $593.00
Seville, Spain $534.00
Valencia, Spain $526.00
Geneva, Switzerland $798.00
Zurich, Switzerland $1051.00
The Baltics $990.00
Wales Coast Hike $4520.00