It’s hard to believe that we have been in Europe for a month now! This time last month we were waiting anxiously/excitedly in Dulles, wondering what Iceland and the rest of the Europe had in store. It seems like we have been abroad for much longer than a month, however. We think that is because, as of today, we have hit our eighth city – which seems insane!

One of our many successful photos together…

It has been interesting to realize that we have fallen into a bit of a schedule while traveling. It usually goes something like this:

Day 1 (Travel Day) – We check out of one AirBnB, board a train, sort out a new train station, and check into another AirBnB. We settle in, unpack, and walk around to find dinner. Don’t stay out for too long and end up going back to plan out the rest of the time in the city we just arrived in.

Day 2 (Walking Tour Day) – This is usually the day we do a walking tour. We’ve found that between morning runs and walking tours, we get a pretty good (and quick) feel for the city and areas we might want to explore later. Of course, walking tours usually take 3 hours tops, so the rest of the day we just wander around the city.

Day 3-5 (Museums and Exploring) – The rest of the time that we are in a city (most are 6 day stays) we spend time in museums that we both (usually) find interesting, we try our best to find the highest point in the city, and we just walk around the streets, stopping in cafés or stores that look enticing. One of these days is usually a “down day.” A day where we wake up late, we only workout if we are 100% feeling it (it usually lies at 50% the rest of the time), we have a slow morning getting ready, and we just slowly walk around the city and take in the sites. It is also a night that we usually stay in, cook, and watch Netflix or read. We experienced burn-out quickly in one of our first cities and realized that in order to have this be a long-term thing, we needed to take better care of ourselves. We both feel well refreshed after the “down day” and noticed it also cut down on us snapping at each other.

Day 6 (Travel Day) – And it’s time to say goodbye to one city and hello to another.

Having a loose schedule works for us as we quickly found out in the beginning that flying by the seat of our pants and being completely erratic with our activities was causing some strife. Now we have a better idea of what to buy tickets for and when.

Abbey unceremoniously woke Kevin up when she saw the sunrise, Kevin snapped a picture, and both fell back asleep.

A month of travel makes for some interesting statistics…

31 Days of travel

59 Days left in the Schengen Area (Round 1, of course)

8 Cities

5 Countries


6 Trains

2 Boats

Blog Posts (We are disastrously behind, we know. Our WiFi situation has been surprisingly tenuous. We are hoping to catch up very soon!)

62 Cups of coffee (of various forms)

4 Times lost (Not so-lost-we-might-be-in-the-wrong-city sort of lost, but the sort of we-are-15-minutes-in-the-opposite-direction-of-where-we-want-to-be lost.)

658 Pictures taken (Let’s not get into how many are actually useable…it’s a depressingly low number. But hey, neither of us claim to be accomplished photographers.)

3 Things that we have left behind (Shampoo, scissors, contact solution)

4 Times daily that Abbey complains about the temperature

3 Meals that we have ordered having no idea what we would receive (Thankfully all were vegan.)

10 Miles walked, on average, every day (This will come in handy when we walk the Wales Coast!)

TOO MANY Pigeons

At least 1 time daily that we look at each other and are still astounded that we are actually doing this. So much talk and planning and here we are, people watching in a European city, stumbling along with the language barrier, and loving every. single. second.

One of the many cobblestone streets that we have encountered.

Obviously we are now seasoned travelers.

(Just kidding)

We have learned a lot, however. We have learned…

…that we absolutely prefer AirBnBs to hostels – which may not seem newsworthy, but both of us figured we would be able to stand hostels in the beginning. We now agree that as long as AirBnBs fit into the budget, those will be our first choice.

…that even eating vegan means we crave vegetables and a big bowl of roasted vegetables is just what the doctor ordered.

…that learning some simple phrases in the local language can help locals warm to us a lot quicker. A simple “hello”/”please”/”thank you” in the local language and a smile go a long way when we meet someone new.

…that we need to carry snacks with us because whenever we’re both hungry it turns into a terrible hangry mess.

…that even if a seat reservation on a train isn’t required, it is nice to have so you have the peace of mind that you won’t have to switch seats or get left behind.

…that cafes with free WiFi are pretty much the best thing ever, especially on travel days.

Cheers to one month of travel and to many more!