Whoops, we slipped back into silence again. It’s really not you, it’s us. We really struggled with how we wanted to run this blog and what sacrifices we were willing to make for it. Ultimately, we decided that we wanted to enjoy traveling as much as we could in the moment and play catch up later on.

Was this a mistake?


Maybe not.

So glad we visited Croatia before the tourist boom.

For the past few weeks I have been playing catch up by organizing and formatting pictures, figuring out a posting schedule, and working on actual posts. What does all this mean? Well, for one, it means that the blog is not dead, really, I promise. It also means that we’ve had our feet firmly planted on U.S. soil for just shy of a month now.

Why have we come back, much less, a month early? That’s a long and complicated answer. I’ll spare you and give you the short version: Kevin has figured out what he wants to do for a career and we both want to be back in the U.S. for the upcoming 2020 election cycle.

Kevin will be returning to school for further certification so that he would be well-equipped to work in the brewing or distilling industry. An industry that is booming and one that he could also apply his B.S. in. Once we’ve landed in our semi-permanent residence, we’ll have a more specific update on that front; but for now, we’re your typical millennials living with our parents for the next few months.

It was a coin toss between which we city we were to visit – Porto or Lisbon. Really glad Porto worked out – we loved it!

Now then, the 2020 election. I would say that 7/10 of the conversations between Kevin and I revolve around politics. We are disgusted with what has crawled out of the shadows following the 2016 election. Relationships were forever changed with some of our closest friends and family in regards to that election. While we’ve both donated to political (and non-political) causes in the past, we knew it was time to actually use our voices. We’ve attended rallies, both together and apart, both domestic and abroad. We’ve rethought our donations and adjusted as we saw fit. We’ve done our best to keep up with local and national politics while abroad, but it all changes now that we’re back. Now we can physically help canvas, we can attend more meetings and rallies, we can volunteer for causes important to us. In short, we are back to make as much of a difference that we can. (Also, you know, while I’m at it, go register to VOTE.)

The past few weeks, we have been applying for jobs left and right, looking into living options, and enjoying not living out of backpacks. We’re looking forward to moving back to a city we both know and love and are really looking forward to the next several months. A lot of change – again – but c’est la vie.

October brings, not only a catch up in location blog posts, but also more details into transportation pros and cons in Europe, planning and budgeting for long-term European trips, and lodging posts. For the next few months we’ll have some specialized posts ranging from planning a long-term trip to some of our favorite things to how to travel long-term with a significant other/friend/family member without killing each other. We apologize for the silence, but hope that you’re just as excited to read our upcoming posts as we are about posting them!

A little preview for what city we’ll be posting about later this week! Any guesses?

Until later this week!



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